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Struggling trying to figure out how to grow your business? If this feels familiar I am here to HELP! Be sure to register for the Activate Your Marketing Workshop led by Kelly Coulter and I.


It's just $47 which is a small investment in yourself, your brand, and your growth!


Body and Business 

Build Your Business on a Budget

Whats Included:

1. Complete review of your current business or business idea


2. Education on simple marketing tactics that WORK!


3. Consultation Session (45min)

4. One-time cost of $87

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About Me
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As a single mom bringing home less than 18k a year I was able to start and build multiple businesses. I am excited to share the good news that “It Takes Money to Make Money” is not the gospel truth. Personally I have coordinated events with over 2000 attendees, owned a fitness studio, traveled the world while getting paid to do what I love, and launched a successful training program and online business. 


You too can generate money doing what you love. You too can start your business, sell your product or service, and more. The opportunities are endless. What I found is that it can be difficult for you to see the solutions to your hurdles. I am hear to help clear your lens so you can teach you how to flourish. 


I have helped fitness professionals, life coaches, recording artist, event coordinators, caterers, and more. Now its your turn and your time to get started!

Event Details

1.Business Review:

Prior to the webinar you will be asked to provide details about your business including social media handles and website. If you have not yet started you will be asked to include what business you are looking to start. I will then do a review prior to the Dec 18th webinar.


2.Marketing Skills:

Will provide tools to increase your sales, clients, and visibility that are specific to your brand.


3.Consultation 45min

 I will go over my review of your business or business idea and we can walk through how to set you up for success.

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