Baby Steps into a Healthier Lifestyle


It has been said when starting something new one of the hardest things is just to take the first step. The idea and concept of change can often be so overwhelming that the action never follows. Well, I am here to give you what I call the Baby Steps into a Healthier Lifestyle.

Having a healthy lifestyle can encompass many things including exercise, weights training, getting rid of bad habits, and our topic of today… your diet aka what you consume on the daily basis.

Changing what you eat (what you enjoy) can be very challenging! Trust me I KNOW! I love food and I love going out to eat. But the goal here is how to make small changes that can help jumpstart your healthy journey.

Baby Steps: Come you can do it! Just one little step!

1. Have a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Drink it before you have your coffee or eat breakfast.

Some people do not like drinking water so getting it out of the way early is a good way to get started.

2. Start using less sugar and salt to season your food. Instead of two sugar packs try one. If you order from Starbucks just ask for one less pump of the flavored syrups.

The fact is that sugar and salt make food taste good. It can take time getting used to the natural taste of food. So having a little less at a time can make that transition easier.

3. Keep healthy snacks near you! Good foods for this are apples and carrots because they are hard and will not get squished in your gym bag or purse.

Often times when we get hungry we will grab anything. If you are hungry and an apple is the closest thing to you then the odds of you eating that instead of grabbing chips from a vending machine are much better.

4. So you like snacks? Don’t we all! Keeping true to the Baby Step process this could be as simple as eating a granola bar instead of a candy bar or eating popcorn instead of potato chips.

Many people fail on changing their eating habits because they try to leap from one extreme to the other. Making small changes allows you to gradually get comfortable with the process of becoming eating healthier.

5. Make healthier selections when ordering fast food. Instead of chili cheese fries, opt for regular fries. Instead of french fries try sweet potato fries. Instead of a philly cheesesteak try deli a sub. The goal is to continue making progress and a small change such as this does make a difference.

6. Stay away from soda!

I know this one may be hard but instead if you need your "fizzy fix" opt for a seltzer water with lemon. The calories and sugar in soda are extremely high. Taking soda out of your diet can sometimes cause a significant weight loss within the first 2 weeks!

7. No one can debate the good taste of fried chicken!

Instead of fried chicken try baking drumsticks with barbecue sauce! Its quite tasty. Later try baking without the skin and use any special sauce you like! Chicken is a great healthy choice… but not when it is fried.

8. Every good sandwich needs a little something something!

Many people use mayonnaise to add flavor to a sandwich and keep it moist. Unfortunately it is very high in fat. Instead keep the mayo in the jar and opt for mustard!

9. Switch from iceberg lettuce to romain lettuce or spinach.

-There is nothing “unhealthy” about iceberg lettuce BUT romaine lettuce and spinach pack more nutrients!

10. Don’t drink your fruit… EAT IT!

Juices have a lot of nutrients and vitamins but they also have ALOT of calories and sugar. 8oz of Orange Juice contains about 110 calories. Instead eat and orange (about 45 calories), drink a glass of water, and take your multivitamins.

You can try one of these or ALL of these to get started. Just pick one and take that first baby step!

Alexis Perkins

instagram @iamkingalexis


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