Confessions of a Gym Rat


As a fitness instructor I cannot begin to tell you how many hours of my life have been spent in the gym. So as we step into a another year I thought it would be fun to explore the most common rants about gym life. For someone who is just beginning their fitness journey this can give you some insight on what to expect and for those who are all too familiar with what occurs at the gym this can give us some insight on how to improve our gym etiquette.

I recently took a pole and after much feedback I compiled a list of the Top 5 Gym Rants:


“I once heard a guy weight lifting and he was grunting quite loud and saying the name Ashley over and over again… weird”

The sounds oh the sounds… as much as people can’t stand the groans of adult men and women on the workout floor… the truth is that it is the bodies natural reaction when exerting energy. So unfortunately my only suggestion for this is to keep your volume high on your headphones.


“I don't know what it is, but as soon as I get to the gym I some how have the worse case of gas. I try to walk away but when your in a gym full of people where do you go?”

I have to admit this one made me laugh. It also brought me to the conclusion that while at the gym your either walking into someone else gas or releasing your own.

“After a set of my chest workout I sneezed and farted at the same time. I don’t think anyone heard but it had to have been my protein shake”

Your body is always working on the inside and while exercising your body is digesting everything in an attempt to use it as fuel. This just happens to result in an occasional fart or two.


“I understand there are showers but grab a towel if you’re gonna hang out a while and talk”

The gym is definitely a place with very different standards of openness. You can expect to see people walk nude in the locker rooms and look you dead in the eye to start a conversation. Solution… just brace yourself for the people who you see and when talking to others try to cover up your privates.


“I don't want to lay on a bench that is covered in your nasty butt sweat!!!”

It is courteous to wipe down your equipment when finished but I challenge us all to change that idea to wiping it down before you get on it. I think it is more proficient to make sure the equipment is clean by doing it yourself. It is not uncommon for people to go from wiping their bums, and without washing their hands, go straight to using the equipment. So please, wipe it down before you use it.


“Please wash it before you shake it!”

Body odor complaints by far out reined everything else. But it seems as though the biggest complaint was people coming to the gym musty before their workout has even begun! The second highest complaint was not stink from sweat but other odors from private areas.

“When the person next to you in class musty and the move require you to lift your arms!”

My suggestion… Be prepared for funk of other people at the gym. For personal improvement, keep a gym bag packed that contains items to freshen up with. Covering up with perfume DOES NOT work. Instead keep a wash cloth, dry towel, soap, and deodorant with you.

Alexis Perkins


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